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    For over 30 years Thompson and Sons has been the local garage for the Rocky Mountain House area. Look for small town lovin’ and fightin’ with sexy happily-ever-afters for the five siblings of the current generation. A 5 book spin -off series loosely connected with the Six Pack Ranch world.

    Book One: Ride Baby Ride
    Final Book in Series: A Wild Ride

    “Arend writes gripping, emotional, heat-filled stories that grab you by the heart and don’t let go.” ~Jaci Burton, New York Times Bestselling author~

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    LIFELINE: an elite search-and-rescue squad based out of Banff, Alberta. Specializing in high-risk rescue missions, this team goes wherever the job takes them…

    Becki & Marcus: High Risk
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    Also see Takhini Wolves – same world, longer stories.

    First in Series: Wolf Signs
    Final Release: Wolf Nip

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    Takhini Wolves

    Lighthearted paranormal stories based in the city of Whitehorse before bursting out into the wilderness of Alaska and the Yukon. The stories follow the members of the Takhini wolf pack as the new Alpha, local humans, bear shifters and others deal with falling in love and kicking ass.

    Also see Granite Lake Wolves – same world, shorter stories.

    Rita® Nominated Best Paranormal Romance 2014: Diamond Dust
    Final book in series: Moon Shine

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  • Featured Series

    Six Pack Ranch

    The Coleman family has ranched in the Rocky Mountain House area of Alberta for generations. These modern day contemporary cowboy romance stories follow the current family members as they find both their place in the community and happy-ever-afters.

    Latest Release: Rocky Mountain Shelter
    Next Release: Rocky Mountain Devil

    “Vivian Arend pours intense passion into her novels...” ~Library Journal~

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20 Sep 2016

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By Nicole

Today is the release day of ROCKY MOUNTAIN DEVIL, book 10 in the Six Pack Ranch Series.

Rocky Mountain Devil Release


Digital: Kindle US | Kindle UK | Kindle CA | Nook | KoboiBooks USiBooks UK | iBooks CA

Print: Amazon


The sweetest part of temptation is giving in…

Raphael (Angel) Coleman and Laurel Sitko were thick as thieves throughout their school years. The unlikely friendship between the rancher’s son and the preacher’s daughter might have gone unnoticed by most, but their shared laughter and connection were the best parts of Rafe’s life growing up. Now that she’s returned to Rocky, he’s eager to move from friend to something far more intimate.

After three years away, Laurel’s ready to start over with the gorgeous cowboy who’s always owned a piece of her heart. But when her college ex shows up in town, she’s got a lot more to deal with than expected, including one suddenly possessive cowboy determined to protect her even as he tutors her through every sexual lesson in the book.

Desire flares hotter and hotter through stolen moments and willing seduction. But when tragedy strikes, Rafe’s left on shaky ground, his biggest fear now a reality that could tear them apart and rip forever from their grasp.

Will the connection forged by time be strong enough to see them through to the other side?

Warning: Friends to lovers equals sweet kisses heating to earth-shaking passion, mixed with laughter and tears. Get ready for hellos, farewells and goodbyes…some forever. Because everyone knows the only real secrets in a small town are the ones you’re willing to take to the grave.



It was wrong. Completely and utterly wrong, but everything right between them until now had led to this moment.

“I’m going to kiss you,” Rafe warned.

Laurel opened her mouth slightly, and the soft sound of longing that escaped ricocheted through his system, hitting all his on buttons and shoving them to high.

They both leaned in, and their lips met.



A brush together, then apart. Yet with one taste, he was lost. He curled his fingers into the hair at the back of her neck and gripped tighter.

He went in for another kiss, this one deeper. Longer. Totally and utterly blown away by the fact that everything they’d ever joked about while watching their friends fall in love—like seeing stars and feeling the earth shake—all of those hokey clichés were true.

They fumbled in the dark, kissing harder, moving together until she was straddling his lap and he had his hands sliding up her bare legs, under her skirt. He cupped the soft fabric covering her butt and dragged her closer, putting heat and pressure over his fully engaged cock.

She’d untucked his dress shirt and was frantically undoing the buttons, her bare palms bumping his abdomen as she worked, and he was going to die because they couldn’t do this—

And there was nothing he wanted more.

He caught her wrists, trapping them beside their hips. It forced him to stop groping her as well, and they shifted their torsos far enough apart they could catch their breaths. Chests heaving as they struggled for control.

“We shouldn’t,” he whispered, “but I have never wanted anyone the way I want you right now.”

“Me too.” She took a deep breath and blew it out in a long, steady stream. “So, what do we do?”

For some stupid reason his brother Gabe’s words rolled in. “Sometimes what we want to do and what we need to do are two different things.”

Laurel wiggled her wrists and he released her. She caught the front of his open shirt, tugging until she could smooth the fabric over his chest.

Even with a layer of material between them, her touch scalded him.

“I bet what we need to do is cool off with a walk by the river before you take me home,” she offered.

“Cool off with a jump in the river, you mean.”

Rafe groaned as she lifted herself up and settled on the seat beside him, their hands brushing lightly. His body was a burning mass of need and guilt.

Walking together beside the water in the moonlight was all kinds of perfect and terrible. Rafe held her hand and wished for a way to go back to what he’d felt before, even as he never wanted to give up what was churning inside.

They turned in unison toward the old tree hanging over the water, the surface of the curved trunk worn smooth by time. Laurel crawled up and sat demurely, arranging her skirt carefully before lifting her face toward him.

“When you leave, you live every day to the fullest. Don’t wait for me, you hear?” Rafe ordered.

Laurel’s eyes were shining pools of moonlight, a thin line folding between them as confusion drifted in.

“I mean it. You’re going away, and you get to date for the first time—heck, you might fall in love. If that’s what’s waiting out there for you, you’ve got to take the chance. Life’s too short to be put on hold, but…” he caught her by the chin and poured every bit of himself into the words, “…but if you come back, and we’re both single, I’m warning you right now, you will never get away from me again.”

“What if I want to wait?” she asked.


Digital: Kindle US | Kindle UK | Kindle CA | Nook | KoboiBooks USiBooks UK | iBooks CA

Print: Amazon

14 Sep 2016

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By Nicole


February, Rocky Mountain House

Rafe Coleman sat on the tailgate of his truck and stared into the slate-grey winter sky. He had a six-pack of beer beside him, a borrowed suit on his back, and a shit-ton of guilt raging inside.

Right then organ music was probably playing softly in the church. Background noise as everyone in Rocky shuffled in to settle on the hard wooden pews, awaiting the main event.

If they wanted him there, they’d damn well have to wait a little longer.

Made sense this day would be cold as hell and colourless—washed out and empty. The bitter void fit his mood very nicely, and he was pretty much ready to sit there for as long as he could, thank you very much.

Except it seemed the world, meaning his Coleman family, wasn’t going to allow that option. His cousin Trevor’s truck rolled down the snowy driveway, big tires sliding through the deep snowfall of the previous night.

Rafe eyed the truck with suspicion. Trevor alone wouldn’t be strong enough to move his ass, but if he’d brought Joel, or a few of the other cousins, Rafe’s rebellion could be over fast.

Only it wasn’t Trevor, or Joel, or even his brother Gabe.

It was Laurel Sitko, fire flashing in her eyes as she glared out the window, fishtailing to a stop beside him. She dropped from the cab, her petite body freefalling for a foot before she hit the snow. Her feet slipped on the traitorous groundcover, and Rafe stiffened his spine to keep from leaping to her rescue.

She marched right up to him then planted her fists on her hips. Her pale blonde hair was pinned up neatly, and a warm but stylish winter coat covered most of her dress. The only thing about her that didn’t look as if she should be prancing around in a castle like a princess were the oversized work boots on her feet—she’d probably found them in the truck when she’d borrowed it. Her breaths turned to a cloud of steam on every sharp exhale into the frigid winter air.

Rafe picked up the beer beside him and lifted it toward his lips.

She snatched the bottle from his fingers. “Don’t you have somewhere to be, Coleman?”

“Yup.” He grabbed the bottle back, taking a good long drink before looking into ice-blue eyes filled with sorrow and frustration. “Right here.”

Laurel’s gaze narrowed, and before he could stop her, she’d nabbed the bottle again, twisting on the spot to fling it against the narrow strip of fencing beside them. The glass shattered, the explosion echoing like the lake during spring breakup. Shotgun sharp, cutting like a razor.

She moved like a whirlwind, stealing away the rest of the six-pack. She sent it flying into the deepest snowdrift within tossing distance before turning back to face him. Cheeks red, body shaking.

“You’re going to that church, right now,” she informed him. (more…)

13 Sep 2016

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A Wild Ride Feature

By Nicole

We’re closing in on the release day of ROCKY MOUNTAIN DEVIL, and to make sure you’re caught up on the Six Pack Ranch series, we’re going to go through the books that lead up to the new story. ROCKY MOUNTAIN DEVIL can be read alone, but it’s better for being a part of the whole!

This week: A WILD RIDE, Thompson & Sons #5

Arend, Vivian- A Wild Ride (final)


He’s the golden boy with a secret past 

When Nicole Adams abruptly cancels their secret fling, Troy Thompson is stunned. The sex between them is sizzling, but she’s ready to move on—find a reliable guy, settle down, pop out a few babies. The thought of Nic in another man’s arms is maddening. And while her agenda freaks him out, Troy knows there’s no one in town nearly good enough for her. No one, that is, except him. 

She’s his redemption and his future 

Nicole doesn’t regret her sexual romp with Troy, but when he insists on taking the next step with her—marriage and parenthood—she figures he’s out of his goddamned mind. Troy? Husband and daddy material? Oh, he’s sexy beyond belief, with the ability to melt her panties with a single command, but the man’s not known for being responsible. Trying for forever with Mr. Frivolous? Everyone thinks it’s a fool’s game.

Everyone except Troy, who’s determined to make Nicole see the real him under the shiny exterior.


Troy forgave his best friend for all past sins then followed Nicole into the surprisingly empty kitchen.

 She pulled a couple beers out of the ice bucket on the counter before turning toward him. Her eyes widened. She opened her mouth then slammed it shut.

 He grinned. Didn’t say anything, just grinned.

Her glare returned. The deadly one he enjoyed so much.

“Troy.” Icy cold and controlled. Tight, like a rock shot from a sling.

Nicole.” He lowered his voice and made it sound as if they were in the bedroom, one step away from him sinking into her heat.

“Troy.” She glanced around before fisting her hands on her hips. “Stop that.”

He chuckled. “Are you sure?”

Her breathing grew heavier, rising anger bringing a rosy flush to her cheeks. Her cherry-red lips curled into a pout. “Do you mind? I’m on a date.”

Troy laid a hand over his chest. “Really?”

“Don’t be a jerk.”

“I’m not.” He hesitated then offered a sheepish smile. “Okay, I’m totally being one, but are you serious? That’s the best you can do?”


For fuck’s sake. His amusement faded and that lingering annoyance was back with a vengeance. “You hate sweet. You chew up sweet and spit it out like year-old Peeps you found in the back of the cupboard.”

“You’re so annoying,” she muttered.

“You’re making my brain hurt, Nic,” he drawled. “You want to date, I get that. But I thought you wanted kids. I don’t understand why you’re not looking for guys who have testosterone in their system. Did he slip something in your drink that shorted your brain?”

“Some guys are intellectually exciting,” Nic insisted. She turned her back on him, pausing to pour one beer into a glass.

“God, seriously? That’s for the loser, isn’t it?”

“Darrell said he likes the way a good beer tastes out of a glass.”

“Seriously? Even I know that’s nothing like a good beer.”

She bit down on her lip, but he still noticed her snicker.

Only she pulled herself together then calmly ordered him to take a hike. “Go away, Troy.”

He hated seeing her like this. Hated how fake it all seemed, and how absolutely bored to tears she was.

This wasn’t Nic, and suddenly that was the breaking point. If she’d been having a good time, maybe he would have backed off, but he’d be damned if he’d watch her bury her energy and enthusiasm in some mistaken variation of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

She needed a Come to Jesus moment, and Troy looked forward to preaching to her very much.


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6 Sep 2016

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Rocky Mountain Shelter Feature

By Nicole

We’re closing in on the release day of ROCKY MOUNTAIN DEVIL, and to make sure you’re caught up on the Six Pack Ranch series, we’re going to go through the books that lead up to the new story. ROCKY MOUNTAIN DEVIL can be read alone, but it’s better for being a part of the whole!




Innocence and passion are an addictive mix…

The dark-haired stranger next door triggers every protective instinct Trevor Coleman never knew he had. From the moment Becky Hall literally falls into his arms, the last man standing of the Moonshine clan doesn’t even attempt to resist sweet temptation. Becky is beautiful, mysterious and heartbreakingly vulnerable…and he’s a goner.

To escape the hell she was trapped in, Becky left everything behind but her courage. And for once in her life, good people step up to make a difference. A helping hand, a new job…a very attentive and libido–stroking neighbour. Now a new future awaits, one that shockingly includes sexual pleasure instead of icy pain, and a sexy cowboy who’s more than eager to show her the ropes.

Becky’s sweet smiles and seductive innocence draw him in like nectar, and Trevor knows one taste will never be enough. But with secrets thicker than a bumper crop, changing a life will take more than a new ID and a cowboy’s good intentions.

It’s gonna take sacrifice to break these chains.

Warning: boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl—all hell breaks loose. We’ve got a hero whose hands are tied in more ways than one. A heroine who wants to experience everything she’s ever missed, and a family that needs to discover if its roots go deep enough to weather any storm.


Somehow Trevor always said things that made her laugh.

“So instead of ripping people’s arms off, you’re going to strip. I don’t know how your brain works sometimes, Trevor, but I like it.”

He stooped and caught her fingers in his, squeezing them tight. “Yeah, my brain is a special and sparkly unicorn. But what you are is an amazing, gorgeous, unique woman, and any man who couldn’t see that you deserved to be treated with care and respect, they’re fucking not real men.”

“You want to show me what a real man looks like?”

Fire flashed in his eyes. “I guess I do.”

So much emotion churned inside that it threatened to rip her apart as it escaped. Laughter bubbled up, and hope, and an unstoppable thread of rising attraction and passion.

Becky liked the way her day had changed so completely, from bitter memories to something deliciously distracting. She lifted his hand to her mouth, kissing his poor, bruised knuckles.

“Don’t let me stop you. I’ve got the best view in the house.”

Trevor stepped back and undid the button on his jeans, lowering the zipper the slightest bit before reaching over his head and grabbing hold of his flannel shirt. He jerked it forward over his head, ripping it from his body.

A harsh move—desperate like, almost as if he were frantic to break free of what he was trapped in as rapidly as possible. He did the same thing to the T-shirt underneath it, staring her in the eyes as he flung the black fabric to one side like he didn’t care what happened to it.

Like she was the only thing he was focused on in the room.

And then he spoke, and her world shuffled three feet to the left, taking a brand new path.

“You’re in charge, Rodeo. Not only today, but I promise you right now that whatever you want, whenever you want, I’m going to give it to you. You want me on my knees next to you planting in the garden? I’m there. You need driving lessons? No problem.”

He didn’t need to offer his truck—she knew that was a given.

“You want me naked? I’m yours. No questions asked.”


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31 Aug 2016

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Travel Picture Wednesday: The Yukon

By Nicole

I have another amazing landscape shot that Viv took while traveling through The Yukon. How amazing is this?



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