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    Thompson & Sons

    For over 30 years Thompson and Sons has been the local garage for the Rocky Mountain House area. Look for small town lovin’ and fightin’ with sexy happily-ever-afters for the five siblings of the current generation. A 5 book spin -off series loosely connected with the Six Pack Ranch world.

    Book Two: One Sexy Ride
    Book Three: Let It Ride

    “Arend writes gripping, emotional, heat-filled stories that grab you by the heart and don’t let go.” ~Jaci Burton, New York Times Bestselling author~

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  • Featured Series

    Adrenaline Search & Rescue

    LIFELINE: an elite search-and-rescue squad based out of Banff, Alberta. Specializing in high-risk rescue missions, this team goes wherever the job takes them…

    Becki & Marcus: High Risk
    Alisha & Devon: High Passion
    Erin & Tim: High Seduction

    “Arend proves once again that no matter the genre, she’s a master.” ~Lauren Dane, New York Times Bestselling author~

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    Granite Lake Wolves

    This series of light-hearted paranormal stories is set in the wilderness of the Yukon and Alaska. The stories follow the members of the Granite Lake wolf pack as they deal with life and love as shifters.

    Also see Takhini Wolves – same world, longer stories.

    First in Series: Wolf Signs
    Final Release: Wolf Nip

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  • Featured Series

    Takhini Wolves

    Lighthearted paranormal stories based in the city of Whitehorse before bursting out into the wilderness of Alaska and the Yukon. The stories follow the members of the Takhini wolf pack as the new Alpha, local humans, bear shifters and others deal with falling in love and kicking ass.

    Also see Granite Lake Wolves – same world, shorter stories.

    Rita® Nominated Best Paranormal Romance 2014: Diamond Dust
    Final book in series: Moon Shine

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  • Featured Series

    Six Pack Ranch

    The Coleman family has ranched in the Rocky Mountain House area of Alberta for generations. These modern day contemporary cowboy romance stories follow the current family members as they find both their place in the community and happy-ever-afters.

    Latest Release: Rocky Retreat
    Next Release: Rocky Mountain Shelter

    “Vivian Arend pours intense passion into her novels...” ~Library Journal~

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31 Jan 2016


Audiobook Giveaway!

By Nicole

null (1)I’m giving away an audiobook today here on the blog! :) All you need to do is leave a comment  ON THE BLOG to be entered to win.

This week’s discussion: Are you planning to watch the Superbowl next weekend, and who are you rooting for?

Winner announced next Sunday.
(Winner gets to pick from the available titles below. Codes are available for US, as well as international readers (where Audible is available) If you win, we’d really appreciate if you’d post a review on Audible once you’re done!)

Titles available:

~~**Six Pack Ranch Series**~~
– Rocky Mountain Freedom, Rocky Retreat, Rocky Mountain Romance
~~**Thompson & Sons Series**~~
– Rocky Ride, One Sexy Ride, Let It Ride
~~**Takhini Shifters**~~
– Copper King, Laird Wolf

29 Jan 2016

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Feature Friday – Rocky Ride

By Nicole

Do you love a little bit of spice with your romance books? How about a motorcycle bad boy and local cop? If so, look no further than ROCKY RIDE.
Rocky Ride
Mitch skimmed his fingers over her neck then sank them into her hair. “Do you trust me?” he asked, tugging lightly to lift her face toward him.

There was no other answer she could give. “I wouldn’t have started this if I didn’t.”

That gorgeous square-cut jaw with the heavy stubble moved closer, until he was brushing her cheek with his. Every word became a sensual tease. “Give it a try, Constable. Walk on the wild side with me. We’ll go as slow as you feel comfortable, but you know I’m not the big bad wolf everyone makes me out to be.”

“You still have enormous teeth,” she teased, involuntarily trying to shift away as he nibbled on her neck. “Mitch. How could this possibly work between us? I’m a cop.”

“And I’m a decent, upright citizen living in your community,” he insisted. “Who drives a little fast at times.”

She shivered under his touch. The temptation was there, honesty made her admit that. For all his tattoos and fast bike and beefed-up truck—Mitch had never been proven connected with anything more scandalous than a speeding ticket.

Tickets she’d given him while he’d flirted unmercifully until she agreed to meet with him.

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22 Jan 2016

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Feature Friday: Rocky Mountain Heat

By Nicole

Do you like smoking hot cowboys? How about the sweet, younger girl next door? If so, you must try ROCKY MOUNTAIN HEAT, the first book in the Six Pack Ranch series. CURRENTLY FREE!
Damn, she had to ask that question. His body knew what it wanted, but he didn’t think that was what the answer should be.

“I’ll bring you flowers and chocolates if that’s what you want, only I’ll bring them to the door of the guest cabin. You’re going to move out of the house, and I’ll move back in. You’ll have more privacy there, and yet you’ll be close enough Ma can call you if she needs you.”

Jaxi protested and he laid a finger on her lips. “We can go to the movies, or we can go fishing. We can enjoy long rides and fix fences together, as long as I don’t have to sit in the dirt after every fence post.”

She snorted for a moment, her smile returning.

Blake stroked his hand over her cheek, smoothing her skin, tangling his fingers in her hair before he dropped his lips to hers again. The kiss was deep and needy, a joining together of hearts and souls. Not desperate and hard but desperate and soft. Lingering, caressing and more meaningful than any kiss Blake had ever given or received in his life.

They both drew back at the same time, breaths mingling as they remained inches apart. Blake reached deep for the strength to finish the job he’d begun. “I can’t promise I won’t touch you, but let’s try to keep sex out of this. We don’t have any troubles in the physical compatibility department. We need to see if we’ve got everything else it’s going to take to last forever.”

His thumb stroked her lips tenderly, sweetly. She kissed it and nodded acceptance with little jerks of her head.

Their foreheads rested together, and Blake breathed in her scent, storing the sensation of that moment for the days ahead.

A sudden realization struck him and he snorted. “So, Slick, in the kitchen you made me promise I wouldn’t throw any punches tonight. You planning on explaining that right cross to Travis’s jaw?”

The twinkle returned to Jaxi’s eyes, and she shrugged mischievously, one brow rising high. “You never made me promise not to hit anyone, now did you, Blake Coleman?”

He stood and lifted her, swinging her in circles as their laugher rose to the heavens.



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15 Jan 2016

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Feature Friday: Black Gold

By Nicole

Do you love longer paranormal stories? What about a hero who isn’t looking for love, and a heroine looking to gain her independence, who discover they’re …oops? Fated mates? If so, look no further than BLACK GOLD!

Black Gold copy
Kissing was so much fun. At least, with Shaun it was.

He licked her lower lip, tugged it lightly between his teeth before dipping back into her mouth with his tongue. Gem let go of the straps she’d been clinging to, instead, catching hold of his shoulders and keeping her balance by using his strength.

They would have continued for a lot longer if the wind hadn’t chosen that moment to pick up and flap the loose edge of the tent.

Shaun slipped away. “Whoa, I’m not being a very good teacher. Make camp first, fool around second.”

“Is that in the official rule book?” Gem followed his pointing finger and tugged the fabric until it settled into its proper place.

He laughed out loud. “Oh, darling, you can’t ask me about anything official. I’m afraid the only reason I ever found out the rules was so I could break them.”

Now that was just silly. “That’s not true.”

Shaun paused in the middle of unzipping the tent flaps. “Sure it is.”

Men. Gem raised a brow. “So you didn’t register our flight? And you don’t do safety inspections on the helicopter?”

He sat back on his heels. “Of course not. I mean, of course I did. I mean…”

She giggled and he smiled sheepishly.

“See? Rules aren’t all bad.”

Shaun nodded. “I guess. I usually just do what I think is right. It’s not always what others have in mind.”

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4 Jan 2016

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Kindle Fire Giveaway

By Nicole

Viv is giving away digital copies of COPPER KING and ROCKY MOUNTAIN ROMANCE with numerous other authors in Tibby Armstrong’s Kindle Fire Giveaway!

Enter the Rafflecopter below for a chance to win 23 books to load to your new Kindle Fire!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Good Luck!


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